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My keyword résumés are strategically written to give you an edge in the electronic job market. As an early adopter of keyword-based writing methods (since the late 90s), I know how to leverage my expertise to take your résumé to the next level. More


Keyword résumés are built around specific job targets to focus on the right stuff, not only for the human reader but also for the Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) that are likely to process them. 

Checking Text on a Document


Whether you need a strategic update or a comprehensive makeover, I'm here to help. To get a quote, send me your current résumé and an example of your ideal job. 

Legal Research and Writing


  • Job search correspondence, cover letters, application letters, and follow-up letters

  • Custom-designed résumés, brochure formats, web résumés, and portfolios

  • Biographies

  • Document editing and proofreading

  • CVs

  • LinkedIn profiles

Ultimately, all you will have left at the end of the day are your name and reputation. Invest in them wisely, and you and others will simultaneously reap the rewards.

– Leonard Schlesinger 

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