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Keyword Résumés

Entry-level: $399 • Mid-level: $499 • Managerial: $599 • Technical: $599 • Executive: $699

“Specializing in keyword résumés since 1998”

Price includes: 

  • Keyword Strategy – Development of keyword strategy for targeted job.

  • Qualifications Summary – Strategic composition of keyword-heavy summary to position you for targeted job and emphasize matching skills and core competencies.

  • Job Descriptions – Writing and editing of job descriptions to focus on qualifying keywords and strengths.

  • Accomplishments and Contributions – Development of relevant career achievements and projects.

  • Page Layout – Modification, reordering of categories, headings, and education sections to highlight the most relevant data.

  • Multiple Résumé Formats – Creation of custom-designed ATS-compatible format in MS Word + plain text version for cutting & pasting into online forms and LinkedIn.


Going Over Data
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