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“I struggled for 5 months with a resume that was professionally
written by someone else, but not getting any interviews... But with yours, I've had interviews every week since, and it's only been a month! If only I had done this sooner! Thank you again for all your excellent work and I'm
referring everyone I know to you in the future!”

C. Wagner, Portland, Oregon


“It has been a pleasure working with you. You were always
responsive (and patient), even long distance! If you need a reference or recommendation, I am more than willing to provide it.”

K. Costello, Old Lyme, Connecticut


“The resume Pat prepared for me got me a job earning $15,000 more
than I used to make. All three people who interviewed me commented
on how 'readable' it was. Thanks again!”

C. Sloyan, Kenilworth, New Jersey


“After an exhaustive search for the perfect resume writer,
I selected Pat because of her professionalism, expertise and
personal attention – and she delivered a first-rate product!”

H. Hadfield, Portland, Oregon


“Thank you again for an A+ job. That is very, very, impressive!
As always, you are the best choice for all my business writing needs.
I have recommended you to all my friends.

R. Barlow, Corvallis, Oregon


“WORTH EVERY PENNY – Awesome! You are incredible!!!!!!!!!
Thank you!”

B. Ware, Portland, Oregon


“Pat, I thought you'd like to know that the resume and cover letter you did for me has brought immediate results, as I was contacted by Brown University for a phone interview. I really appreciate your efforts and
can't thank you enough.”

W. Burns , East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania


“Just wanted you let you know I landed a great job!
The Monday after I received my new resume I faxed it out to 11
businesses, and I got 8 phone calls!! I went on 5 interviews and received 4 offers. I start my new job, as assistant controller for a manufacturing company, on Monday. Thank you again. Pat, your talent is a great gift, thank you for sharing it with me and everyone else you've helped.”

L. Sigda, Alexandria, Virginia


“I want to pass along a real compliment on your efforts from the president of a major headhunting firm in Atlanta (#12 in the U.S.). He thought my resume (or better stated YOUR resume) was 'one of the best' he had ever seen and should not be changed one bit! He emphasized how seldom he sees a really good resume – and this a really good one!”

B. Vanderbilt, Brecksville, Ohio

“Whew....! Have to tell you that ASCII is slicker then heck, both the
cover letter and resume. Sent out 3 today and already had a phone interview with a scheduled meeting for next week with the divisional manager. Dog gone, you do good work! Thanks again for all your help, couldn't have done it
without your experience and patience.”

D. Becker, Happy Valley, Oregon


“Good job! I have had quality time to review the draft and have tried my best to find something to suggest or improve and I find myself stumped. I must say, I am getting a great value for my money. Congratulations!”

F. Bassett, Orchard Park, New York


“Just thought I'd drop you a note to let you know that I got a great job – exactly what I was looking for. It certainly pays to have a good, targeted resume! Thank you so much for doing sucha great job. It definitely helped me in my job search!”

S. Guttman, Portland, Oregon


“I landed a new job and believe your resume made a big difference.
I was told they received 100 resumes and picked mine. I went out for
the interview and they made an offer the same day! I've been recommending you to all my friends...”

T. Peterson, St. Paul, Minnesota


“Pat Kendall's service has been invaluable and educational.
The development of my resume and response of prospective employers
has been excellent. Very impressed!”

B. Bode, Issaquah, Washington


“My employer uses the resume Pat prepared for me
as an example of the perfect resume.”

B. Hill, Vancouver, Washington


“Thank you so much for all of your excellent work!
I am so pleased with my resume. I will recommend you to
anyone in need of a great resume writer.”

L. Bennett, Salt Lake City, Utah


“I just wanted to drop you a line to once again thank you for the wonderful resume you put together for me!!! I felt most confident upon my arrival here in DC the first week in May that I would soon be gainfully employed, but little did I anticipate what a response I would get! Within a week after my initial job mailings, I was interviewing for positions— and often 2 or 3 times a week! It soon became apparent that it was going to be MY choice as to where I would go to work, as opposed to the endless searches I had undergone prior to your putting me together on paper. Thanks again — and if anyone ever wants an
endorsement of your skills, send them to me! ”

D. Wozniak, Portland, Oregon


“Thanks a bunch, you do great work
and your praises will be sung far and wide.”

T. McClung, Portland, Oregon


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