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Resume Assessments, Consulting, and Coaching

  • No charge market assessment and resume price quote
  • Get price quote
  • Comprehensive 20-point resume assessment / 30-minute consultation: $99
  • Resume Coaching and Consulting: $150/ hour
  • Job Search Coaching

Military Transition

If you're returning to civilian work after serving in the United States military, ask about my free consultation and 10% discount!

Targeted Keyword Resumes > Description: Keyword Resume

The difference between a "keyword" resume and a "regular" resume is that the keyword resume is strategically developed and structured to reflect the same language and keywords that employers use in their job postings. (Instructions: How to Find Job Examples Online) Since most resumes are processed electronically, the percentage of matching keywords can dictate how effectively your resume works for you.

In addition to scoring higher during keyword processing, a resume with the right keywords communicates "matching qualifications" to human readers.

Pat's Method for Building a Keyword Resume

REQUIRED: 1-3 examples of the "ideal" job

METHOD: Qualifying keywords (e.g., skills) are pulled from the job description(s) and used to build the resume's keyword foundation. All decisions regarding editing, writing style, order of categories, priority of information, candidate positioning, and resume development are based on the job target keywords. About Keyword Resumes

For job search purposes, keyword resumes are more effective than traditional resumes, even if electronic processing is not involved. Why? Because a resume with the right keywords sends the right message to human readers as well!

Have an Existing Resume?

To get a price quote for a rewrite, forward your resume to pat@reslady.com with 1-3 examples of your ideal job.

Instructions: How to Find Job Examples Online: www.reslady.com/jobtarget.html

How the Process Works: After I complete a confidential assessment of your data, I will contact you by e-mail with recommendations and a price quote. (Please allow 48 hours)

E-mail: pat@reslady.com

24 Hour Fax: 503-213-6022

Editing and Copy Writing

Price quotes on request.

Letter Writing Services

Letter writing services typically range from $99 to $199, depending on length and other factors.


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