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Advanced Resume

Strategic Keyword Rewrite

MY SPECIALTY: Strategically written, keyword-loaded resume based on example(s) of your job target or ideal job.

Resume Consultation / Keyword Development: One or more consultation sessions with Pat Kendall to discuss keyword placement and use, determine resume strategy, and flesh out relevant projects and achievements.
Rewrite Job Descriptions: Job descriptions are written or rewritten to emphasize job target skills and accomplishments.
Profile / Summary Composition: A Professional Profile / Career Summary is strategically written to position you for your job target and emphasize keyword skills.
Resume Restructuring: Resume categories, sections, functional skill sets, and education / training may be modified, reordered, or edited to focus on job target.
Multiple Formats: MS Word scannable presentation resume + PDF resume + text version for cutting and pasting into online forms.


Includes Multiple Formats: More About Resume Formats...

Attractive Multifunctional Hard Copy Format in MS Word:

Custom MS Word format; presentation-quality resume for interviewing and mailing. This format is specially designed for accurate computer scanning and is ideal for faxing.

Electronic Versions:

  • Plain text version of the resume for e-mailing and online forms
  • PDF (Portable Document Format) version

Optional Web Resume:

CareerFolio Web Resume: $199

All-inclusive package includes CareerFolio set up, your choice of headings, URL, and six months of hosting.

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Privacy Policy

Your resume – and any additional information you provide on paper or through consultation –
is considered confidential and private. Names, addresses, and e-mails of clients
and prospective clients are "private" and not sold or traded.


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