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Advanced Resume
Targeted Keyword Resumes
Entry Level: $399 • Mid Level: $499 • Technical: $599 • Executive: $699
Keyword Consultation and Development – Telephone consultation is scheduled with Pat Kendall to discuss keyword placement and use, determine resume strategy, and flesh out relevant projects and achievements.
Profile / Qualifications Summary A keyword-loaded summary is strategically composed to position you for targeted jobs and emphasize matching language and keywords.
Job Descriptions – Job descriptions are written, structured, and edited to focus on targeted keyword skills and related projects / accomplishments.
Resume Restructuring Resume categories, sections, headings, and education / training are modified, reordered, or edited to optimize relevance and visual impact.
MS Word Format – Presentation-quality resume for interviewing, mailing, and faxing

Electronic Versions – PDF and plain text

Description of File Formats:

MS Word / Compatible Presentation Format: Presentation-quality resume for printing, mailing, uploading, attaching, and interviewing. This format is also designed for electronic processing, accurate computer scanning, and is ideal for faxing.

Plain Text Format: Use for cutting and pasting into online forms or when plain text resume is requested.

PDF: Use when requested.

Other Available Options:

Cover Letter: $150-$199

Keyword-based LinkedIn Profiles

Networking Resume / Resume Brochure: $100-399
Typically, the networking resume is a graphically enhanced version of the keyword resume in PDF format with abbreviated content.

Bios: 199-$299 (when purchased with resume)

Why Worry About Keywords?

Because 80% of the time, a resume's effectiveness hinges on whether it contains the "right" keywords.

These days, the great majority of resumes are processed electronically and stored in resume databases. Your resume will come up as a match during electronic processing ONLY if it contains the right keywords.

The Right Keywords = More Interviews

To ensure the right keywords for a particular resume, I extract keywords from 2-3 examples of your "ideal" job, and then use these examples to determine resume strategy and keyword focus.

Even if your resume is not processed electronically, it needs to focus on the right keywords to convey
to human readers that you are a match.

If you don't have good examples of your ideal job, or if you'd like to learn how to search for jobs online, read How to Search for Job Target Examples Online.


Ultimately, all you will have left at the end of the
day are your name and reputation. Invest in
them wisely, and you and others will
simultaneously reap the rewards.




.Pat Kendall, NCRW
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