Joseph Krazinski: Strategy

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Certification Logo:
Joseph's certification logo was incorporated into the resume design and creates a unique letterhead.
Keyword Development:
Three examples of Joseph's ideal job were used to determine keyword strategy. I extracted qualifying keywords, built a keyword list, and then incorporated the keywords into the profile and experience wherever relevant.
Keyword Call-out:
The keyword call-out is used to highlight areas of expertise and Joseph's "ideal job target" keywords.
Job Descriptions:
Qualifying keywords were used to rebuild/refocus the job descriptions and provide more keyword-relevant detail.
Page Design & Formatting:
A custom design was developed to incorporate the certification logo. Matching design elements were used on resume categories. The back and grey headings provide visual hierarchy and improve the resume's readability. A simple black border frames the page.
Body text: Arial | Headings: Arial Black | Call-out: Arial (italicized)
Joseph Krazinski