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Advanced Resume
Traditional and Electronic Résumé Formats

MS Word
ATS-friendly presentation resume for job seeking

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MS Word Format

Typical Uses / Features:

  • Attractive MS Word format
  • Use for traditional mailing, faxing, and interviewing
  • Computer scannable
  • Designed to be compatible w/ most systems
  • Attach to e-mail
  • Upload to websites

Plain Text Resume
ASCII Plain Text Resume

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Plain text

Typical Uses / Features:

  • Plain text format is used for cutting and pasting into online forms
  • As is appropriate, you can use this version of your resume to populate your Linkedin profile
  • Use this type of plain text file to create a web resume

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PDF Resumes
Portable Document File

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PDF Download: Juanita Smithers

Typical Uses and Features:

  • The "Portable Document Format" (PDF) looks exactly like your original word-processed file.
  • Unlike your word-processed resume, a PDF file can be opened and printed on almost all systems.
  • For the most part, PDFs cannot easily be edited, modified, or processed electronically.
  • PDFs can be emailed as attachments and downloaded / printed from Web resumes, online portfolios, and Linkedin profiles.
  • PDF resumes should not be substituted when another format (such as MS Word or text) is requested.

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