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  Executive Resumes and Personal Marketing Tools
Executive Resume
Strategically targeted, keyword-based resumes; traditional
and electronic formats

Executive Career Brief:Career Brief

Career Biographies
Traditional and web-hosted biographies
Career Brief
Single page condensed resume; custom graphics
Web resumes, bios, and portfolios
Career Marketing Tools
Cover letters, web resumes, web portfolios, resume distribution services, etc.
Executive Resume + Cover Letter + Support Package
Complete package includes resume, cover lettter, cover letter variations, coaching, all formats, + custom CareerFolio web resume and web hosting package

Job Search Coaching
Job search strategies and support

Executive Resume: $699

Strategically targeted, keyword-based resume in traditional and electronic formats. Package includes:

  • One hour+ consultation (resume strategy / keyword development) with Pat Kendall, NCRW
  • Composition of 1-2 page executive resume; additional pages @ $200 each
  • Attractive "presentation" format
  • MS Word, PDF, and text files

Request price quote for non-targeted resume

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Executive Cover Letter

Composition of keyword-based "prototype" cover letter in MS Word and text formats, fully customizable: $150-$199


CareerFolio Web Bios

Imagine your resume or bio as an attractive, search-engine friendly web page or web portfolio with multiple pages.

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CareerFolio Bio

Custom CareerFolio: Turnkey Package: $299

Representative Examples: Global Theme | Monogram | Job Target

The CareerFolio™ web resume is an attractive, keyword-searchable "web" version of your resume – complete with database-friendly text download or PDF file. CareerFolios are affordably priced and offer scores of design and configuration options.

Price includes:

  • Set up of 2-page resume from copy-ready text
  • Custom designed heading or monogram
  • Text or PDF download
  • Web URL based on your name:
  • Six months of hosting (additional hosting: $39.95 / six months)

Portfolio Pages: Improve your CareerFolio's functionality by adding one or more portfolio pages to showcase Special Projects, Career Accomplishments, Biography, Downloads, etc.

Portfolio pages are $150 each and include:

  • Page design and set up to match your CareerFolio resume
  • Installation of client-provided files for downloading
  • All related navigation buttons, links, or icons



One page version of resume -- great for networking and pre- job search exploration

  • Can be targeted or non-targeted
  • Content based on resume, biography, career achievements
  • All styles and designs, from conservative to bold
  • Price: $299/up

Mario Perez
Blue Fade

Career Brief Career Brief Career Brief

Baby Blue





Priority Service

24-48 hour service is available for a rush fee (typically 50% of project total). Call me directly to schedule a consultation time (503-639-6098) or send an e-mail message with your contact information and "best" times to contact you.


— Full Job Search Support Package —
Targeted Executive Resume, Prototype Cover Letter, Cover Letter Variations,
Job Search Coaching, Custom-designed CareerFolio Web Resume with Hosting Package
All Resume Formats: Word, PDF, text, HTML


  • Consultation / Resume Development
    Through in-depth consultation, we will work collaboratively to determine positioning strategy / keyword approach.
  • Resume / e-Optimized Traditional Format
    Description: Attractive, custom-designed MS Word formats are designed for maximum eye appeal, format retention, and electronic compatibility. This format is computer-scannable and ideal for
    traditional mailing or faxing.
  • Cover Letter
    Description: Targeted, prototype cover letter that emphasizes your primary competencies, relevant accomplishments, and keyword skills. Cover letters are set up on letterhead to match resume and are also provided in plain text format.
  • Cover Letter Variations and Mailing / Faxing
    As needed: Five customized cover letters (Word or text), keyword-optimized for specific opportunities. All distribution costs (mail, printing, postage, fax, e-mail) are included.
  • Text Format (Internet Posting / E-mail)
    Plain text versions of the resume and cover letter are provided for online forms and networking sites such as
  • Custom CareerFolio Web Resume
    Description: Attractive Web-hosted version of your resume with intuitive web address / URL (based on your name), and confidentiality options. About CareerFolios

  • Professional Coaching / Job Search Partnering
    Description: Four 30-minute coaching sessions covering topics such as job searc
    h management, strategic keywording, electronic job searching, and interview preparation.

To Schedule a Consultation Appointment,
Contact Pat Kendall, NCRW:

(503) 639-6098


Ready to Get Started?

  1. Contact Me: Send me an e-mail message with your contact information and "best" times to reach you.
  2. Forward Documents: Old resumes, bios, worksheets, letters of recommendation, and supplemental questionnaires can be e-mailed to or faxed to 503-213-6022, 24 hours a day.
  3. Send Job Target Examples: Forward 2-3 examples of your "ideal" job target. Links and URLs for online job postings can be e-mailed to Printed advertisements and job descriptions can be faxed to my dedicated line: 503-213-6022 (24 hours a day).

Need Help Finding Appropriate Job Target Samples? For instructions on how to find job target examples online, click here.


Price Quotes: Existing Resumes

E-mail or fax your resume and 1-3 examples of your "ideal" job target to 503-213-6022, 24 hours a day. Most assessments are completed within 72 hours, depending my prevailing schedule.

After assessing your resume document(s) and job target information, I will forward recommendations and a price quote by e-mail.

My specialty: Strategic Rewrites

If you need help finding examples that exemplify your job target, click here for instructions.


Positioning Strategies in
Resume Writing

Effective resume writing requires proper "positioning" of the job seeker' qualifications. I use positioning strategies in the following ways:

  • Formatting: Highlighting of core skills, size of type, use of white space / page design
  • Sequence: Order and sequence of data
  • Writing Style / Verbiage: Job-specific phrases, language level, keywords, and active verbs

Positioning strategy and editing decisions
are based on the job target examples you provide.



Privacy Policy

Your resume – and any additional information you provide on paper or through consultation –
is considered confidential and private. Names, addresses, and e-mails of clients
and prospective clients are "private" and not sold or traded.

© 2012, Pat Kendall, NCRW