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Advanced Resume
Selected Articles and Job Search Tips
Written by Pat Kendall, NCRW
Resume Writing Basics: 5 Steps for Success
Five components of effective resume writing.
Cover Letter Writing Tips
A "user friendly" guide on how to write cover letters.
Interviewing Tips
The keys to success: Conducting research, developing a personal sales pitch, and practicing your presentation.
Electronic Job Market Revisited
Article written for the National Resume Writers Association.
Advantages of Web Resumes
With benefits ranging from image-enhancement to accessibility, HTML-based resumes can provide job seekers with some real advantages.
Resume Vehicles for the Online Job Market
Learn about the three most common types of e-resumes.

Electronic Resumes
A quick tutorial on the most popular types of electronic resumes – ASCII, HTML, and scannable – plus tips on how to create, format, and e-mail ASCII text resumes.


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